After finishing as semi-finalists in season one, the Paarl Royals return to their homeground Boland Park for the second season of SA20, starting January 12 2024.

Here's how fans can make the most of watching their favourite Royals at the Boland Park LIVE by adhering to all necessary guidelines.


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In order to ensure your safety and comfort at this venue, please take note of the following items that are prohibited at the venue:

- Branded umbrellas
- Firearms, weapons, knives and sharp objects
- Stainless Steel utensils ( knives, forks, metal cups, etc.)
- Fireworks, explosives, flammable items.
- Mace/Gas Containers
- Glass bottles or containers
- Alcohol or Illegal Substances
- Cans (soft drinks / alcohol)
- Braai Equipment/Skottels/Webber Braais (no open fires allowed)
- Animals/Pets
- Bicycles, skateboards, scooters
- Balls (soccer/rugby/etc)
- Video cameras and non-accredited media equipment (i.e. professional photographic or recording equipment)
- Airhorns/Vuvuzelas/Blowhorns/Kutuzelas
- Musical instruments
- Any mass branded clothing or items which constitute ambush marketing
- Banners/flags with derogatory text or drawings
- Oka Pipes
- Unofficial merchandise with the intention to trade within the grounds
- Chairs other than collapsible deckchairs and or camping chairs (for grass embankment seating only)



The following behaviour is prohibited at the venue:

- Racist, xenophobic or hate speech
- Refusing to produce a valid ticket when requested to do so
- Not sitting in the allocated seats
- Standing on seats
- Not co-operating during security inspection
- Entering a restricted area within the stadium
- Not keeping accessways and emergency exits clear
- Smoking in a non-smoking zone
- Not co-operating when ask to move to other seats
- Accessing the pitch without valid clearence