~ Boland Park-based team will be seen donning the brand's logo on the front and back of their official matchday and training jerseys ~

Paarl, 28 December 2023: Royals Sports Group-owned franchise Paarl Royals has today announced Six6s as the team's official Title Sponsor for the upcoming 2024 SA20 season. This exciting association marks a strategic partnership between the two brands, driven by a shared passion for excellence and a commitment to sporting success. As part of the partnership, the Royals will be donning the brand's logo on the front and back of their official matchday and training jerseys.

Six6s is one of the world's leading online betting platforms which features the biggest, trustable variety of games on its mobile application, being played by millions of users around the globe. It is synonymous with innovation, quality and trust in the sports betting industry, and has emerged as one of the supporters of Paarl Royals in their objective of lifting the SA20 trophy. The synergy between the two brands is rooted in their dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving unparalleled success in their respective domains.

As the Title Sponsor, Six6s will play a pivotal role in supporting Paarl Royals throughout the 2024 SA20 season. Both Six6s and Paarl Royals share a vision of reaching new heights in their endeavours, and this strategic alliance is based on creating a relationship which fosters connecting with diverse audiences, engaging with the community, and expanding the reach of both brands to newer markets through the use of their respective social media and offline platforms. The two brands will be seen producing engaging content for fans on social media and also on various other platforms.